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Favored by Italian barbers, this creamy, softening lather formula protects all skin types, cools the skin and gives a truly exceptional shave.

How to use

  • Apply an ample amount to wet hands to build up a great lather or use with a brush. 

  • Apply to face, shave and rinse.

About C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow is not only a place to pick up your favorite hand-made prescriptions, but also a favorite neighborhood gathering place and provider of unique and unusual personal care remedies.
  • About

    I set out to find a shaving cream that gave the closest, coolest shave on earth. My search landed me in Italy where I discovered one of the most incredible shaving formulas known to man. Favored by Italian barbers, this creamy, softening lather formula protects all skin types, cools the skin and gives a truly exceptional shave.

    - Ian Ginsberg - Third Generation C.O. Bigelow Proprietor and Pharmacist

    • Made in Italy
  • What It Does

    C.O. Bigelow Premium Shave with its creamy, softening lather formula protects all skin types, cools the skin and gives a truly exceptional shave.

  1. Quality:
    Great shave
    I tried the Bigelow shave cream tonight and i love it. Great shave. Will be ordering more.
  2. Quality:
    Best shave product ever
    I have looked at every shave cream, gel and butter I could find and none of them worked as advertised until I found this stuff. This is, by far and without a doubt, the best shaving product in the world! It smells good, and gives the most comfortable shave I’ve ever had.
  3. Quality:
    Exceptional Product
    Works great. Smells great. Travels great. Get the small tube for the best travel shave cream you can find.
  4. Quality:
    AAA+++ Un-matched in Quality and very inexpensive too use ($5.00 per tube)
    Hands down the best shaving cream I have ever used. I am 64 years old and I have tried them all. Was given by sister for Christmas have been using only that since.
  5. Quality:
    C.O.Bigelow Premium Shave Cream
    Works better than any women's product I've purchased. I'm not really surprised. it came as a sample with my order I've used the lemon lotion for years. This is best products for me!
  6. Quality:
    Just a good shave using this product
    Smells good, works great, be nice if in a toothpaste type recycle capable tube with a flip lid so you don't drop it in the shower..
    fair price..
  7. Quality:
    Quality Shave
    I quit buying any other type of shaving product. This is the Sh!t...
  8. Quality:
    Best shave cream a man can get
    For a guy who shaves his head and his face every other day this is the BEST shaving cream to use Thank you C.O. Bigelow
  9. Shave cream body spray. Body wash and shampoo
    All very best I have ever used.
  10. Quality:
    Best shave in 44 years of shaving
    1594,ve been shaving regularly since 1972. Over the years I have tried many products looking for a good, comfortable shave. In olde English I would be describedElectric shavers have never been powerful enough to shave my beard without bogging even recent production models. Multi-blade razors nick me regularly. I used to use the old Schick Injector razors with good results but 1594,t get them anymore. Bic single edge razors and Noxzema face cream has been my best performer until my wife gave me a tube of C.O. 1594,s Premium Shave Cream for Christmas, 2015.
    Never, in all my years of shaving have I enjoyed such a comfortable and really close shave. 1594,ve never been able to get my face as totally smooth nor as consistently fully shaven as this product allows. 1594,ve used it for 3 days with a Bic single edge razor that already had a 1594,s worth of shaving on it. I would have tossed out the razor before the first shave with 1594,s product but decided to try the new shave cream with an old razor. There has been no need to change the razor as long as this shaving cream is performing like it is.
    I may go ahead and toss the razor and see if the product can do any better. Never have I ever enjoyed such a great shave. I will be using 1594,s Premium Shave Cream from now on.
  11. Price:
    The best shave cream
    I am a huge believer in using only the best products in my daily shave and the C.O. Bigelow premium Shave Cream is the best I've found . When used with a Proraso Shaving Brush the combination is a truly joyful experience every morning. Just a little bit goes a long way in making enough suds to get a clean smooth shave every time. A real old school method using a brush and a cream but the sensation must be experienced. I've tried other shave creams and have thrown them away only after a few shaves. None of them compare to the C.O. Bigelow product. A superior product.
  12. Quality:
    only one for my husband!
    I gave this shaving cream to my husband several years ago as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. He usually isn't picky about things, however Bigelow shaving cream is the only thing he'll shave with. He has a thick beard and this is the only cream that allows him to shave close! He loves it!!
  13. Price:
    Best Shave Ever !
    I have had a bald head since 2005. Went through a plethora of products - but all to many dried out before I could finish and would have to reapply to get the "missed spots" Most would also leave my skin dried out after my shave.
    Then I got my first tube of Bigelow as a Christmas gift.
    It stays moist through out my shave time and it holds the hair vertical longer - so very few missed spots where I have to go back and re-shave, yet clears out of my razor better than any other shave cream.
    It leaves my skin moist and and no more razor burn - even when shaving sometimes twice a day on the weekends. (Have to look good for the Mrs.)
    I will never use anything else.
  14. Quality:
    Quite Satisfied
    I have been lathering up with a brush for years. I had a few tubes from the French perfume company Leonard. They stopped producing the creme a long time ago. Since then I've used several brands of shaving pucks ( 3" wide soap tablet): Williams (plain as a brown aper bag), Herban Cowboy (nice), and Burt's Bees (also nice). I picked up Bigelow in the tube at Bath & Body Works. It's the best shaving creme I've had since the tubes I bought in Paris a quarter century. I use a dab with a brush and it is pure luxury.
  15. Quality:
    Premium Shave Cream
    I used to be a long time Art of Shaving Lavender shaving cream user, until I tried the Premium Shave Cream by C O Bigelow. I works perfect with my Philip Norelco 1260X, electric wet & dry shaver. " You must try it".
  16. Price:
    I have been using other shave cream/soaps that are much more expensive, and I like this product the best. It leaves your face feeling clean, fresh and tingly.
  17. Value:
    The only shaving cream for me
    I've got thick, curly hair and sensitive skin and out of the dozens of shaving creams I've tried (each claiming their intended use is for sensitive skin), this is the only cream that leaves my face feeling smooth and not irritated. The best shaving cream I've ever used, all around awesome!
  18. Price:
    Best Thing I have used.
    This is a must have item. My beard is like sandpaper when I try to shave day to day or every other day. Its like having a barber type shave in my own house. (seriously) All the reviews I've seen reiterate what I have found out by using this product. I will use it for life as long as its available.
  19. Quality:
    I use this shave cream and it gives me the smoothest, closest, and cleanest shave.
    I have triedmany many different brands looking for a really good one. Price was no object in my search. This Premium Shave Cream is true to its' name. It is excellent.
    And it is a real value too! A very pleasant surprise. In this world of absolute maddness it's nice to find a product like this.
  20. Price:
    Best ever
    I first received this as a gift from a relative who worked at Bath & Body Works. Before then I was a "gel" guy. Goes on very nice and only a small quantity is needed to get a nice lather so the large tube lasts a very long time and the shave is fantastic. Sadly, B&BW doesn't carry it any longer but I buy several tubes online to save on shipping and keep a small tube in my travel kit for when I fly since TSA won't allow the large tube in your carryon (I had to throw a nearly new tube away once and I was pissed).

    Best shaving cream around hands down. Once you use it you'll never go back to regular foams or gels. I hope CO Bigelow comes up with a razor handle for the Gillette Fusion so I can get the whole setup.
  21. Price:
    Outstanding Product
    I love when I come across a product that the can't live without. This is bar far the best shaving cream I've ever used. I'd recommend it to anyone! I love the cool clean feeling, the scent and the awesome packaging. It's a bit expensive in my book though, considering its availability and volume. Buy the larger tube, as you'll love it though, and you get more product for your dollar!
  22. Price:
    Best ever!
    I have always disliked shaving. I've used all the electric shavers, and of course the foamy stuff in the can. Crabtree & Evelyn has/had a great cream at more than twice your price, but my source no longer carries it. In desperation, I went into Bath & Body Works, and they had a special of buy two, get one free of the Bigelow. I used the cream for the first time today, and all the other reviews are right! Brushes on smoothly, and gives best Fusion razor shave I've ever had. Since so little cream is necessary for a shave, maybe I'll shave my legs...
  23. Price:
    A must have for a traditional wet shave
    I am a DE shaver and have a collection of shave creams and soaps. This shave cream is a staple in my collection and I wouldn't want to be without it. Just a small amount of this cream lathers into a thick, rich, invigorating foam. The fragrance is not too intense. The quality of shave that results from using this product is fantastic!
  24. Price:
    This is an amazing shave cream made for Bigelow by the well-respected and tenured Italian shaving company Proraso. I am a DE shaver and this cream is my go-to. I use a dime-size amount in a mug and lather with a brush. I have enough gorgeous lather to make a 3-pass shave with extra left over. It lasts FOREVER. Buy this product! You won't be sorry!
  25. Price:
    Fabulously Wonderful
    I first found this creme at Bath and Body Works three years ago and I keep two extra ones in my closet at all times to ensure that I am never without this shave creme, truly the best in the world, especially for the price.
    Warning...if you try this shave lotion, you will never go back to any other kind!
  26. Value:
    This shaving cream is the best I've tried so far. It lathers up very nice without making a mess on my face. It has a cool sensation that does not irritate my skin once I shave. In my experience with this cream; it helped stop bleeding and I love the smell of it. It is very classy, sophisticated but at the same time very traditional. Plus, it has a very cool retro look. Excellent! I would recommend this shaving cream to anyone even women.

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  • 1 Camphor
    1 Camphor
    Made from wood of the camphor laurel (Cinnamomum camphora), a large evergreen tree, camphor helps soothe irritated skin and itching.
  • 1 Coconut Oil
    1 Coconut Oil
    Coconut oil promotes healthy, hydrated, supple and smooth skin mostly due to its high concentration of fatty acids. Helps keep skin hydrated and super soft. Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E to keep skin ageless and protect against dryness.
  • 1 Menthol
    1 Menthol
    Derived from Mint, Menthol provides the skin with a 'cooling' sensation and imparts a sense of freshness to the skin.
  • Eucalyptus Oil
    Eucalyptus Oil
    Eucalyptus Essential Oil is an uplifting cleanser that helps clears the mind. It's muscle- soothing properties help relieve overworked muscles.
  • Glycerin.
    Glycerin helps the blade glide smoothly and reduces razor burn and rashes
Ingredients: Aqua (Water), Stearic Acid, Cocos nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Lactic Acid, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Menthol, Camphor, Eucalyptol, Eucalyptus globulus Leaf Oil, Pentaerythrityl Tetra-di-t-butyl Hydroxyhydrocinnamate, Sodium Metasilicate, Tetrasodium EDTA, HYdroxyehtyl-cellulose, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Geraniol, Parfum (Fragrance).
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