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A warm, sensual, classic musk scent. Our perfume oils are concentrated fragrances that have a longer lasting scent compared to EDT’s and EDP’s. May be worn alone or combined to create a unique signature fragrance. 

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    A warm, sensual, hearty musk.

    C.O. Bigelow Perfume Oils are concentrated fragrances that have a longer lasting scent on the skin compared to Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums. Many times they are single notes that may be worn alone or combined to create a unique signature fragrance. Perfume oils may also be a blend of a variety of notes.

    Made in USA.

  1. Quality:
    Please... never, ever discontinue this.
    This little bottle of musk oil is the perfect minimalist fragrance for people who suffer from migraines and perfume sensitivities. It is altogether soft, sweet, cozy, clean and unobtrusive while also being ever-present. It is the perfect my-skin-but-better scent. I've worn it in single and triple-digit weather and it seems to adapt to whatever environment you're in. This is such a great fragrance ... please, never discontinue it!
  2. Quality:
    Best cologne I've worn. Women love it.
    Best "cologne" I've worn and I've tried a lot. First oil I've tried and it's great because it lasts all day and will reduce drying out your skin because it's an oil. It's the first scent I've worn where I have several women comment on how good I smell. Dudes comment as well! I think it's a must-try of you haven't dabbled yet.
  3. Quality:
    Great scent
    Awesome product, excellent quality the scent last all day .
  4. Value:
    I have been looking for the same kind of musk oil that I used to get in the '70's without much luck until I found this one! It is subtle and light, refreshing and clean smelling. I totally recommend it.
  5. Price:
    good quality oil
    I wasn't sure what musk oil smelled like, but for $15 I thought it was worth trying. I was hoping for something a little sexier (!?), but this smells nice. It is definitely feminine. It smells almost motherly to me- but not in a floral way, in a soft way. Which is not a bad smell. I am also very impressed with the quality of the oil. I have been on a big search for a nice perfume oil over the last year and purchased 50+ different samples and oils from different places , and this is definitely among the highest quality. Doesn't smell cheap or cloying at all.
  6. Price:
    Entoxicating Fragrance!
    I was looking for a musk oil I used to wear as a teenager and read the reviews on this musk. When I first tried it, I was slightly disappointed that it wasn't the scent I was searching, but was so pleasantly surprised at how wonderfully intoxicating this musk is! I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I have received on how good I smell! I love this musk oil. Wish it came in a bigger bottle, but I'll just keep buying several at a time because I just can't get enough!

    A little goes a long way and the staying power is great. Don't hesitate to try. The delicate scent is clean and not at all overbearing...just beautiful!
  7. Quality:
    Love this product!
    I wear this everyday and I love the smell! I get tons of compliments.
  8. Price:
    I'm Sold!!!
    Received this as a free sample in my last order. I wasn't holding my breath because I've never liked any "musk" scent. This is amazing. I got compliments on it the first day. I wish I could describe the scent for you. Faintly reminds me of The Body Shops signature scent Rain but not as overbearing. Smooth move COB - you knew what you were doing. I am back now to see what other perfume oils I want.
  9. Price:
    So lovely!
    I absolutely LOVE this Musk oil! It is the best musk fragrance I have ever worn. I love this as an oil, but I would love an eau de toilette version of this fragrance as well so that I can spray it on my clothes. This scent is a keeper!
  10. Price:
    amazing 8)
    My new favorite. I'm a patchouli lover.. wanted a quick change up. I honestly was hesitant at first, but the great reviews & the fact good ol Liv is a lover of this it was a steal. I was expecting something more of my aunt's musk.. not that I don't love it on her.. this is subtle & a breath of fresh air.
  11. Quality:
    Thank you Liv!
    I too was inspired by Liv Tyler to buy this. It was a very unexpectedly clean musk. Just perfect.
  12. Value:
    Loved for yrs!
    This has been my favorite perfume oil for a long time! I will always be a loyal customer. I do not like run of the mill, over the counter perfume.
  13. Value:
    Natural and fresh
    I love this perfume.Wearing it makes me feel more confident and womanly.
  14. Price:
    Smells Beautiful!
    I cannot get enough of this perfume oil! My daughter even wears it now. When I really want to luxuriate in the scent, I add a few drops to my bathwater. The way it mixes with my natural scent really makes this a winner. I get so many compliments!
  15. Value:
    Personal & Discrete Sensual Fragrance
    After seeing Liv Tyler's testimony in Into The Gloss about this perfume oil, decided to ask my husband to get me two bottles from the states. I researched other online reviews and most of them were impressed with its composition and lasting power. I was not disappointed upon smelling it. It is the type of musk that is although beautiful in its own, begins to transform into a mix of the musk and your scent after a few minutes of wear. It is also the type of fragrance that draws people to come closer to smell what it is they bare actually smelling. Apart from the great quality, the lasting power seems to indicate that I'll be using one bottle for quite a while and will have that other bottle in reserve just in case. Overall, I am very happy with this scent. I do implore others to try it. Just a tip though, when dabbing the oil on, do not rub the oil into then skin. That makes the smell dissipate faster. Just literally dab it and let it kind of melt onto the skin. I place my dabs on my wrists, behind my elbow, in between my breasts on my clavicle bones, behind my ears, and lastly, at the top of the back of my neck near the hairline so that some of the fragrance transfers to my hair. My husband cannot get enough and for just 15$, it really can't be beat. :-)

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