The New Savant

The New Savant

About the Brand

The New Savant is an artist-owned candle studio located in Brooklyn, NY. They welcome and appreciate unique tastes and style. As part of the elevated craft/maker movement, The New Savant makes everything by hand and in small batches. They use domestic suppliers; vessels made from post-consumer waste and use minimal packaging materials. Everything is focused on having a small footprint and giving their customers an exceptional experience.

At The New Savant, they want their products to be seen not only as a scent for your home but also as a design piece that speaks directly to their community's values.

Founded in 2020 by former YouTube Creator, Ingrid Nilsen and tech/media executive, Erica Anderson, The New Savant has created more than 17 original fragrances in collaboration with female perfumers. The scents aim to center new ideas and notes that have been left out of the storied world of fragrance. 

The name, The New Savant, represents a rebellion against who we are told to be and who we choose to become. They are a woman, lesbian, Asian American-owned business.