L'Avant Collective

L'Avant Collective

About the Brand

L'Avant Collective began when founders, Lindsay Droz and Kristi Lord sparked an instant friendship at a mutual friend's wedding. The brand was born out of their near-constant demand for cleaning up after their kids and pets all while wanting products that were non-toxic, highly effective, and conveniently located. L'Avant merges modern home interiors and styles with the products people use on a daily basis in a sustainable and plant-based way.

L'Avant Collective is setting a new standard of what ordinary products achieve by elevating efficacy and aesthetics to create the highest performing, plant-based cleaning products. They design cleaning products that will both take care of the surfaces of your home and that you can confidently leave on the countertop.

With the goal of shifting your perspective on how you clean- and just how effective plant-based and non-toxic can be, L'Avant is going to elevate any green cleaning experience.

Purposeful. Powerful. Plant-Based Clean.