Initio Parfums Privés

Initio Parfums Privés

About the Brand

Since perfume is simultaneously the most delicate and forceful of substances, capable of setting almost all the senses ablaze and upending the laws of attraction in a matter of seconds, Initio invites you to explore the power of scents, to follow your intuition and to wear your fragrance in conscious.

Dive deep into the power of oud and be surrounded by the virtues of the “wood of the gods” with Initio's Black Gold Project. This collection features the Oud For Greatness and Oud For Happiness fragrances which combine the power of Oud with the magical vibrations of sacred geometry.

Initio's Hedonist Collection includes 3 Mantra fragrances that will take you into another dimension of self-fulfillment. Paragon, Rehab, and Musk Therapy offer an intimate olfactive experience where vibrations elevate your body and mind.

An infusion of Hedione, used in overdose for those who dare. Side Effect, High Frequency, Psychedelic Love, and Atomic Rose are all part of the Carnal Blends Collection. Embrace the carnal energy, reveal every aspect of your personality, and discover your unexplored self.