Grethers Pastilles

About the Brand

The history of Grether's famous Pastilles goes back more than a century. Over their history, the Grether's Pastille hasn't changed much, except for the name. Originally formulated and manufacturered in England, the brand was sold to a Swiss company in the 30s and is still made and distributed in Switzerland today under stringent standards using the same tried and true original recipe.

Grether’s Pastilles are made with a great deal of care, quality, tradition and craftsmanship. With essences of sun-ripened berries and blossoms, effective glycerine and high-quality agar-agar, Grether’s Pastilles have a particularly soothing effect on sore throats, hoarseness, strained voice and a dry mouth. The carefully processed ingredients soothe irritation and coat overtaxed vocal cords like a protective film.

Grether’s Pastilles develop their full-flavoured fruity taste thanks to the gentle and time-intensive production process and the unique three-month maturing process in special climatic chambers.