Fleur Marché

Fleur Marché

About the Brand

At Fleur Marché they are inspired by the doers - the hustlers, side-hustlers, activists, builders, and dreamers out there, every day, on the front lines of change. But they also know, firsthand, just how easy it is to sacrifice your time, energy, and well-being in the name of your cause.

So, Fleur Marché was built for those with big goals and busy schedules, who need simple, straightforward, joy-inducing solutions for life’s daily challenges. You’ve got a lot on your plate, Fleur Marché is here to help.

Their Botanical Patches deliver a controlled dose of plant-powered, science-backed ingredients directly into the bloodstream. These single-use pre-dosed patches last up to 12 hours. Pop one on and start feeling better almost immediately!