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An Important Message From Our President

Dear community,
For over 182 years, C.O. Bigelow has been dedicated to serving the healthcare needs of our community through good times and bad. Four generations of my family have served as pharmacists during several wars, epidemics, blackouts, hurricanes and national tragedies. I am proud to say that we never closed our doors despite it all. 
Our mission is to serve despite the circumstances. Our incredible team has always made whatever sacrifices necessary to allow us to care for our community when they need us most. We are healthcare providers first and foremost and have taken an oath to make the welfare of humanity and the relief of suffering our primary concerns.
Of course, the safety of our patients and our staff is paramount, and we are taking all of the necessary precautions as we continue to monitor the situation. We are cleaning and disinfecting constantly and have even removed testers from the floor to make sure we maintain a safe and healthy environment for all. We are doing our best to stock up on supplies, i.e., pharmaceuticals, hand sanitizer, cold and flu remedies, etc. We know that everyone is concerned about supply chain with their necessary medications, and we are doing what we can to build up our supplies so that all of our patients can feel comfortable that we will be able to support their needs moving forward. Our staff is on hand to comfort everyone both in person and on the phone… We are here to help! We are continuing our delivery service so that those who choose to remain at home can rely on us to bring their needs to them. To balance all of this, we might have to alter our schedule slightly, but we are determined to be here every day. Until further notice, we will be closing our doors at 7 PM daily, with the exception of Sunday. Please refer to our Social Media Channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business) for updates on store hours. 
These are trying times, but we are a resilient people. We all have a critical role to play in helping to stop the spread of this horrible virus. This will be a long haul, but we will all get through it together. Among all the facets of our business, we are pharmacists and healthcare providers at the core; it is what I am most proud of in my career here. Our team is made of the most incredible and passionate people, who truly care about our patients and customers. I am extremely grateful to them for their dedication, and thankful for the love they give and receive from our community. We will all be here for you every step of the way!
Yours truly,
Ian Ginsberg 
An Important Message from our President
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An Important Message from our President
4 generations of my family have served as pharmacists during several wars, epidemics, blackouts, hurricanes and national tragedies. I am proud to say that, despite it all, we never closed our doors. 
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C.O. Bigelow

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