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Different Types Of Face Masks Explained

Our Customers Asked:

Which type of facial mask is best for my skin? There are so many to choose from, I have no idea where to begin.

Our Experts Answered:

Hydrating, detoxifying, regenerating, repairing, anti-aging and round and round we go. Finding a mask that fits your face can be overwhelming with a ton of them on the market, however once you have targeted the results you wish to achieve, masks can be the perfect prescription for taking your skin to the next level.

Our beauty experts at the Bigelow counter weighed in and it was pretty unanimous what everyone loved most about masking; the instant boost, glow and immediate on-the-spot results.

“Listen to what your skin is telling you and switch up your mask routine as your skin shifts with the changing seasons.”

Masks can also give long-term results when incorporated into your regular skin care routine.  One way to wrap your head around masks is to think of them as a supplement; there may be something your skin lacks that it’s not getting.  It might need a little extra boost or a bigger dose of nutrients for the ultimate healthy-looking complexion.

We suggest pinpointing what your skin lacks most and start from there, you can always incorporate a few different masks into your skincare regimen later on, most importantly listen to what your skin is telling you and remember to switch up your daily skin regimen and mask routine as your skin shifts with the changing seasons or if you are going through any hormonal changes.

To find out what your skin needs to create your best, healthiest complexion, we have broken down masking into three simple, easy to understand categories as a good starting point. 

Brightening & Radiance

Perhaps you slack off sometimes and don’t pay enough attention to your skin on a daily basis or you just don’t take the time for that extra step of pampering, well, it’s pretty simple to turn bad or lazy habits into glowing skin with masks that provide immediate results. Sheet masks are a great choice for those looking for instant gratification. These masks are infused with a chock-full of hydrating and nutrient-rich ingredients including enzymes, hyaluronic acid, herbal extracts and vitamin E that penetrate skin over a twenty minute period giving fantastic results. Flash Masks are also great for a quick fix as they deliver the key ingredients in well, a flash! Both of these superheroes give an instant dose of hydration and brightening, tighten pores and give an instant glow to the skin. They are a great pick-me-up for that special night out or for a quick boost. Our top picks for a glow in a snap:

• PATCHOLOGY – FLASHMASQUE ILLUMINATE MASQUE: Improve lackluster, dull & uneven skin tone… in a Flash! The Illuminate FlashMasque Facial Sheet helps reveal fresh-faced radiance by evening skin tone and giving new life to a lackluster-looking complexion. A highly advanced, luxurious masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients licorice and grapefruit seed extracts.

HANSKIN – HYALURON MOISTURE MASK: Saturates the skin in abundant moisture. The super fine fiber mask brightens with niacinamide and revitalizes with moisturizing ingredients like sodium hyaluronate and rose water to give the skin a luminous, glass-like glow.

Decongest & Detoxify

Clear up a clogged, congested complexion quickly with an oil-absorbing mask. These masks are formulated with clays from the earth- there are many varieties of clay that absorb oil, dirt and debris. One of the many benefits of using this type of mask is that they extract everything out of your pores. Clays contain beautifying minerals including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium. The combination of detoxifying abilities, nutritive qualities, and microbial balancing properties make clay-based masks the perfect cocktail for oily, blackhead-prone skin that has a tendency towards breakouts and acne blemishes. Our choice for a clear complexion are:

C.O. BIGELOW PURIFYING CLEANSING MASKIf you want to go low-tech and classic our clay cleansing mask gets down deep to thoroughly clean oily or blackhead prone skin, and areas of enlarged pores. Our time-proven formulation of natural clays cleanses skin by absorbing dirt, oil and debris that tend to clog pores. Leaves skin looking ultra-clean, smooth and refreshed. Our clearing formula works to prevent future breakouts, and minimize the appearance of pores. Suitable for all skin types, this mask clears the skin and enhances radiance for a refreshed and glowing skin. We developed this mask to be worn over the entire face or as a spot treatment for blemishes.

  • Formulated with kaolin and bentonite to absorb oil, dirt and debris that can cause breakouts.
  • Kaolin is a super gentle clay that has brightening effects with gentle absorption and is known to boost circulation. Bentonite attracts toxins out of your skin, acting like a sort of magnet and pulls toxins out of your skin. When combined, these two natural clays are a perfect combo to combat excess oil and beautify dull skin.
  • Calendula, allantoin, aloe vera and guaiazulene work to calm skin and ease redness

DR DENNIS GROSS – ACNE CLARIFYING COLLOIDAL SULPHUR MASKThis heavenly creamy mask by a derm brand we love minimizes the appearance of pores, dissolves blackheads, heals breakouts, and absorbs excess oil to fight acne and enlarged pores – without drying the skin. Colloidal sulfur and kaolin clay squelch breakouts and mattify oil, while ingredients with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties neutralize redness, prevent future breakouts, and minimize the appearance of pores.

AVÈNE – CLEANANCE MASKOne of our most-loved French import created this super unique 3-in-1 clarifying clay mask that transforms into a scrub to deeply cleanse, exfoliate pores, absorb oil and visibly reduce the appearance of skin blemishes.

  • 3-in-1 clay mask turns into a scrub to deep cleanse, exfoliate and absorb oil
  • Visibly reduces the appearance of skin blemishes
  • Absorbs oil and mattifies skin
  • Complexion is clear and skin feels smooth. 

Moisture & Repair

Plump and re-energize skin that needs a big boost of moisture and in need of a recharge with masks that pack a punch with supercharged ingredients such as antioxidants and nutrient-rich fatty acids. We love masks for dry skin that are formulated with oils rich in essential fatty acids and packed with nutrients such as shea butter, avocado oil and coconut oil and powerful hydrators such as hyaluronic acid for intense moisturize. Moisture masks work to restore hydration and suppleness and many have reparative properties that work to improve elasticity. When skin is hydrated properly it looks pump and healthy and fine lines look smooth and supple. There are moisture and repair masks that may be used to supply a quick hit of intense moisture and infuse skin with lacking nutrients or treatments that work overnight while you sleep when the skin’s repair processes are accelerated.  Our picks for mega moisture and intensive repairing are:

PATCHOLOGY – FLASHMASQUE HYDRATERefresh, plump & hydrate thirsty skin… in a Flash! Hydrate FlashMasque Facial Sheets deliver a mega-dose of moisture designed to quench, refresh and plump the look of thirsty skin. A highly advanced, luxurious masque material accelerates delivery of essential ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin B5. Delivers results in just 5 minutes; traditional sheet masques can take up to 20 minutes. Your skin gets the vital moisture it craves leaving it silky, replenished and youthfully plush and dewy.

DR. HAUSCHKA – HYDRATING CREAM MASKThis hydrating botanical mask imparts moisture-retaining qualities to dry, sensitive and mature skin. The blend of botanicals Dr. Hauschka uses soothes, protects and revitalizes while sealing in moisture, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple.

  • Quince seed extract replenishes and helps dry skin to retain moisture
  • Nourishing almond, avocado and jojoba oils hydrate the outer layer of skin
  • Rose wax and shea butter soothe and protect

To Make the Most of Your Masking

  1. Start with clean skin- For the best results we suggest using a mask after a shower when your pores are open, this will allow the mask to work at its best.
  2. Exfoliate beforehand-Use a face exfoliator of your choice before you apply a mask. This will better help the ingredients to absorb into your skin more effectively when dead skin is sloughed away first.
  3. Tone and moisturize- a good basic face care routine used daily with the appropriate products for your skin type will make a big difference in how your skin looks and feels- masking will allow these two basics to work better and you will get optimal results.

If you have any questions on masks feel free to stop in or call the shop (1-212-533-2700) for any specific questions. Our team of experienced and qualified beauty experts will be happy to help you find the perfect mask and face care regimen just right for your skin.

Now go show the world that beautiful glow!

Ask A Beauty Expert: Different Types Of Face Masks Explained
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Ask A Beauty Expert: Different Types Of Face Masks Explained
Finding a mask that fits your face can be overwhelming. Our beauty experts help you understand what your skin needs to create your best, healthiest complexion.
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C.O. Bigelow
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