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MamaP proudly presents an ode to Mother Earth: a lightweight, biodegradable toothbrush made from nature’s miracle material — bamboo.

About Mama P

MamaP puts the environment first — specializing in creating natural products to replace household plastics. Their ultimate goal is to leave the world a better place than we found it. That’s why they proudly support non-profits with missions related to environmental protection and social change. 

MamaP goes above and beyond to generate green alternatives to everyday products. These bamboo toothbrushes are fully compostable and feature recyclable bristles — allowing you sustain a beautiful smile while also helping the Earth. 

But MamaP isn’t just a business. They are also a community, lovingly referring to themselves as a Band of Gypsies — bound by the ideals of equality and compassion towards the Earth and its inhabitants. 

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    MamaP doesn’t play around when it comes to sustainability — removing almost all of the plastic from our supply chain. In fact, the only plastic components you’ll encounter on our brushes are the nylon bristles … and even they’re recyclable! The resulting product is a true testament to eco-friendliness.

    MamaP proudly presents an ode to Mother Earth: a lightweight, biodegradable toothbrush made from nature’s miracle material — bamboo.

    • Handcrafted bamboo toothbrush handle — lightweight and compostable
    • Soft and medium recyclable nylon bristles — flexible and fortified for better cleaning
    • Lasts as long as other leading toothbrushes
    • Gorgeous colored bottom featuring non-toxic paint — prevents water pooling after brushing

    The toothbrushes are available in one of five colors and each color represents a different important cause in which a portion of the sales are donated to that particular cause:

    • Purple: LGBTQ Equality - MamaP's deep commitment to LGBTQ equality has led them to proudly support The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ and young questioning individuals under the age of 25. -
    • Yellow: Save the Bees: In order to protect our striped friends, MamaP proudly supports the work of the Xerces Society. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation is an international nonprofit organization that works for the protection of wildlife, specifically invertebrates and their habitats.
    • Green: Mental Health and Awareness: MamaP's beliefs about mental health have led them to proudly support the work of NAMI — the National Alliance on Mental Illness. NAMI is America’s largest grassroots mental health organization — dedicated to helping individuals affected by mental illness.
    • Blue: Ocean Conservation: - Our magnificent oceans are in deep trouble. The negative impact of greenhouse gas emissions from human activity can already be seen today. And its adverse effects include rising air and water temperatures, ocean acidification, coral bleaching, sea level rise, loss of marine mammals, and the decline of fisheries. MamaP proudly supports the work of The Ocean Foundation. The Ocean Foundation supports, strengthens, and promotes organizations dedicated to reversing the destruction found in ocean environments worldwide.
    • Red: Women's Rights : MamaP's stance on women’s self-determination has guided them towards proudly supporting the work of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is a leader in the field of healthcare — providing women, men, and young people with high-quality, affordable healthcare. In particular, their education programs — backed by experts and supported by over 100 years of reproductive research — have improved the lives of millions of Americans.
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