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Aqua collagen-focused treatment

About Recipe for Men

Recipe for Men was created to help active men look and feel their best. The brand offers high quality grooming products for the active, energetic, and sophisticated gentleman.
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    The Recipe for men Under Eye Patches with aqua collagen are focused treatments for the under eye area, resulting in a refreshed and renewed appearance. Intense deep hydration and reduced puffiness are results of the Transdermal Cosmetic Delivery technology that allows the active ingredients, such as high grade marine collagen and algae extracts, to penetrate and hydrate the skin. The ergonomic design allows the patches to adhere to the contours of the under eye and upper cheek bone area, while providing users with the freedom to apply other facial treatments simultaneously.

    • Made in Sweden

    Key Ingredients:

    • Marine Collagen: Collagen is the glue that holds the body together. It is the most abundant structural protein in the body. Over 60 percent of the body is made up of connective tissue and collagen represents 80 percent of all connective tissue. Marine collagen is reputed to be the most similar to human collagen. Marine Collagen aids in the healing and structuring of connective tissue and it is normally used in skincare products to lift and tighten, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the skin’s elasticity.
    • Algae ExtractThanks to its water-binding properties algae is a potent moisturizer. Moreover, algae contain vital trace elements, such as Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Copper and Silicon, that are decisive for the metabolic processes of the skin.
    • Centella Asiatica (Hydrocotyl): This herb, which can be found only in Madagascar, increases collagen synthesis and strengthens capillaries and veins by repairing damaged connective tissue surrounding them. Centella Asiatica reduces dark under-eye circles, strengthens and heals.
    • Chitosan: Chitosan is a linear polysaccharide derived from shells of various sea crustaceans. Chitosan is known to enhance moisture retention and increase skin elasticity. Chitosan’s properties also allow it to rapidly clot blood, and it has recently gained approval in the USA for use in bandages.
    • Betaine: Betaine is used as a lipid and moisture balancer. It’s also known to speed up the cell rebuilding process. Betaine is derived from sugar beets.

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Aqua/Purified Water, Aqua Collagen, Hydrolyzed Extensin (Phyto Collagen), Betaglucan, Hydrocotyl (Centella Asiatica) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Algae Extract, Schizophyllum Commune, Pyrus Cydonia Extract, Certonia Siliqua Gum, Chitosan, Mannan, Betaine, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, FD&C Yellow 5 & Blue 1.

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