Chikunocube - Charcoal Air Freshener


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Great for enclosed spaces such as a refrigerator & closets.

About Morihata

Morihata have made it their mission is to introduce traditional and contemporary Japanese aesthetics to overseas markets through a unique and carefully curated collection of products.
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    Chikuno Cube is an air freshener made from ultra fine powder of bamboo charcoal and clay minerals. Don't be fooled by its size, because it has a tremendous effect to purify the atmosphere of any room in which it is placed. Also is the chikuno cube completely eco environment friendly because the charcoal is made of bamboo and will eventually returns to the soil.

    How does it have effect as purifier? If you look at the cross section of bamboo charcoal through a microscope, you can see that it has countless holes forming a structure like a cluster of intricate tubes. When the interior area of the holes measured, it amounts to more than 300 square meters per 1 gram of charcoal, resulting in its excellent absorptive capacity. * Normally one Bamboo charcoal is enough for one tatami mat (one mat = 90 cm ×?180 cm), although it changes a little depend on the situation on the degree of air pollution. All of the materials used for this Banboo charcoal are natural. Therefor, there might be a little distortion in shape and size and weight might change a little by humidity and a climet.

    • Size: 41×41× 41mm (standard size)
    • Made in Japan

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