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A facial soap for oily, acne & blemish prone skin

About Chidoriya

Chidoriya offers a beautiful array of natural skincare, haircare and beautifully crafted accessories made in Japan.
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    This chidoriya facial soap for mature acne, blemish or combination~oily skin/ is combined with green tea which has vitamin A, C, and minerals and pearl barley has been traditionally used as anti-aging, mole removal for centuries. Natural brown sugar & seaweed powder will give skin a healthy glow. It removes dead skin & impurities from the pores while retaining moisture. Pure olive oil gently maintain your skin's health. This traditional poured and cured processed soap mixed in small batches and aged in the special curing room for nearly a month. This special soap making process removes excess alkali from the soap, a major irritant to sensitive skin. Never dry or tight.


    For at least twenty years, medical reserchers around the world have been looking at green tea. Studies in Japan have showed lowered rates of lung cancer, stomach cancer and skin tumors, and lowered blood cholesterol among people who drink green tea every day. Although black and oolong tea also contain some preventive compounds, green tea is thought to contain the highest and most effective levels.

    Green tea also contains Vitamin C. The amount of Vitamin C, varies depending on the type of leaf, but the average in two small cups of brewed tea is nearly equal to that in a cup of orange juice. In Asia, green tea was originally used by Zen monks to keep awake during long periods of meditation. A mild stimulant, containing less caffeine than black tea and half the caffeine of coffee. Green tea also apparently has anti-bacterial qualities and offers comprehensive solutions to maximize benefits to your skin.

    Hand Crafted in USA

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    Just using this soap and occasionally some argan oil has done wonders for my very acne-prone skin. It's also an excellent value considering it's still going strong after about 6 months of daily use.

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Ingredients: Olive oil, Organic Palm oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Organic brown sugar, Green tea powder, Barley powder, Grapeseed oil, Chamomile powder, Seaweed powder, Chamomile oil
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