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Since the ancient times, when legendary Semiramis grew them in the hanging gardens of Babylon, roses have fascinated perfumers.

Of the thousands of roses that exist - little tea roses with the scent of spices; mossy and fleshy, lascivious roses; mikly roses, whose charms are slightly disctorted, satin roses and pompom roses, or wilting roses taking their last breath -, only two species are used in perfume-making, for which they act as a muse. Their essence are among the most precious: Rosa centifolia or Rose de Mai, whose extract is used as a heart note, or Rosa Damascena, or the Damask rose, appreciated for its fruity top note.

A fragrance that is more sophisticated than any other perfume exudes from it; a fragrance that is like a balm, that lifts the heart like a breath of air, uncovering there light, tender, expansive and radiant feeling. A fragrance that subtly unites with fruits, flowers, woods and spices - everything that makes up the garden of the soul.

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