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A rich, warm vanilla scent. Our perfume oils are concentrated fragrances that have a longer lasting scent compared to EDT’s and EDP’s. May be worn alone or combined to create a unique signature fragrance. 

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    Rich sweetly vanilla.

    C.O. Bigelow Perfume Oils are concentrated fragrances that have a longer lasting scent on the skin compared to Eau de Toilettes and Eau de Parfums. Many times they are single notes that may be worn alone or combined to create a unique signature fragrance. Perfume oils may also be a blend of a variety of notes.

    Made in USA.

    0.25 fl. oz / 7.5 ml

  1. Quality:
    I love this but
    Will it ever be in stock again?
  2. Quality:
    Why is this Out of Stock so long?
    Why are they out of this for so long? Many sights have vanilla perfume oil.
  3. Quality:
    It’s ok
    It smells almost identical to Play Doh. It’s not awful but it’s also not what I expected.
  4. Quality:
    The only pure vanilla scent I've found!
    This is a truly pure vanilla scent. No florals, no musk, no citrus - nothing to get in the way of the real vanilla. I'm so glad I found this fragrance. I had tried countless other ones but could never find something that was only vanilla and not mixed with other scents. I hope Bigelow never stops making it!
  5. Quality:
    Absolutely Perfect if you are prone to Migraines
    I get migraines VERY easily which means I can't wear perfumes. Thankfully I love the scent of vanilla and this is the perfect product for me. I can't wear any other vanilla scented perfumes because there is always a floral or chemical smell to them that immediately causes me to have a migraine. However, this is a natural vanilla oil that is very pleasant smelling and not too sweet. I wear it every day and not only does it smell good, but the scent lasts all day too. I don't have to constantly reapply it throughout the day. People are always complimenting me on the scent as well, so I know that others like it too. I am so happy to have found this product in an obscure store in Beverly Hills and even happier that I am able to order it online!!! I would highly recommend this product if you enjoy the scent of vanilla, but can't wear perfumes due to getting migraines.
  6. Quality:
    Perfection in a Bottle
    This is the best vanilla perfume on the market. Like other reviewers have noted, it's not cloyingly sweet. I either use it on its own or later with other perfumes. I have had migraines all my life, and this is one of the only perfumes that's tolerable. Bigelow, please, please, please never discontinue this (or change the formula). It's simply perfection.
  7. Price:
    Smells like I've been baking.
    I love this vanilla oil. I wear it alone when I'm at home because it's a very comforting scent, and I use it to enhance vanilla notes in other EDPs I have in my collection. A single drop lasts into the next day. It's never cloying, always warm, very pleasant, and good for people who are sensitive to perfumes. I tend to get migraines when I'm around certain fragrances, but this has never disagreed with me. Even on days when I feel a headache brewing I can put this on and know it won't exacerbate my symptoms. Love... love... love! Never discontinue this!
  8. Quality:
    Yummy Sweeeeetness
    I love this vanilla oil. I've tried another brand that isn't as pure and sweet smelling as this. I don't wear it everyday but when I do wear it I always get compliments after they discover the sweet baked smell is actually ME! I hope you continue to carry this scent because I never want to be without this stuff. I love it and it's yummy goodness!
  9. Quality:
    Fantastic Scent!
    I love this brand of vanilla perfume oil. I have had my bottle for a year! Strong lasting scent. Everywhere I go, people casually ask about it. Once I was in a grocery line and the clerk kept asking if I could smell that delicious scent. She said it was making her crave a cupcake.

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dipropylene glycol, fragrance.
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