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Derma Remedy Intense Dry Skin Body Lotion # 1603


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Unfortunately due to issue with ingredients no longer being available to us, we are in the process of reformulating this product.  The reformulation will most likely not be available until the summer of 2020.  Sorry for the delay.  

How to use

  • Apply to damp skin immediately following a bath or shower.
  • For added healing and comfort, cleanse daily with our Derma Remedy Body Wash to soothe, protect and restore skin.

About C.O. Bigelow

C.O. Bigelow is not only a place to pick up your favorite hand-made prescriptions, but also a favorite neighborhood gathering place and provider of unique and unusual personal care remedies.
  • About

    Unfortunately due to issue with ingredients no longer being available to us, we are in the process of reformulating this product.  The reformulation will most likely not be available until the summer of 2020.  Sorry for the delay.  

  • What It Does

    C.O. Bigelow Derma Remedy Body Lotion contains Lactic Acid which is a natural ingredient that promotes shedding of dead skin and helps to stimulate rapid replenishment of new healthy skin cells.

  1. Quality:
    Must have Derma Remedy
    This lotion is the only one that works and I really really wish that COBigelow would get this back in stock. I have itchy lower legs and back in the winter and this is the only product that relieves the itch. Are you listening COBigelow?? I need more DermaRemedy 1603. So how about it? Huh?
  2. Quality:
    Great stuff
    This is the only produce on use on my lower legs in the winter. They get very dry and itchy and this is th e only one that works, but also smells good too (well, there really isn't a smell, but that's my point!)
  3. Quality:
    Hands-down, it's the best
    I've been using this for years and it gets my hands moisturized and healed - while not leaving you with that petroleum greasiness. I'm a nurse so my hands are battered with constant washing and latex gloves on and off all day and this lotion is the only one I will use because it's just the best. I will also use it as a cuticle moisturizer and I swear it makes my nails grow longer and healthier!
  4. Quality:
    Point blank, IT WORKS !!!
    I am a type 2 diabetic and have issues with my lower legs. I am under a Dr.s care who, with meds, had me 'try' 1603 from Bath & Body Works who now say they have never heard of it! I can not find this anywhere in NEW (North East Wisconsin), so I get my re-supplies here. I work in the armored car business and am here to tell ya, Point Blank, THIS STUFF WORKS.
  5. Price:
    Best Money can BUY!
    So far this is the best dry skin lotion I have used, I have tried products from $2.99-$69.99 this one is by far the best one, the only problem is my wife like it too now ;(
  6. Price:
    Great lotion!
    This is the only product I have found that relieves my itching on my back and lower legs. This specific product #1603 is hard to find in my area- South East Idaho. So it is necessary to order from C.O. Bigelow.
  7. Price:
    Amazing Stuff!
    This lotion is amazing! My husband usually scratches his calves raw every winter, but he hasn't had an issue since using this product! He's been using it for 3 years now, and he absolutely swears by it!
  8. Quality:
    My daughter bought this for me a couple of years ago from Bath & Body Works.
    I went back to buy more from them and they said they have never sold it.
    So I went on line to see if I could find it.
    Thank you for this lotion! It is the best lotion I have ever used(I'm 65 years old)
    My hands would get so bad that my skin would crack at the finger nail.
    Since I started using this product I have not had this problem and it helped my nails grow longer and stronger.
    Thank You

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  • Borage Oil
    Borage Oil
    Borage has astringent and soothing properties that support skin renewal and toning.
  • Lactic Acid
    Lactic Acid
    Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid. Gentler than other AHAs it has a moisturizing element that the other exfoliating acids lack. Lactic Acid exfoliates dead skin, encourages cell renewal, aids in regulating pH and helps reduce hyper-pigmentation and reducing fine lines.
  • Vitamin E-
    Vitamin E-
    Provides powerful antioxidant activity on the skin resulting in the improved elasticity of the skin. Helps to regenerate new skin cells and lighten dark spots or scars. Fights off free radicals, thus slowing the aging process.
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