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Cologne - Elixir Blue - No. 1580 -Estimated Availability Date: November 2020


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This product is currently unavailable. We expect the product to be available once again in November of 2020. Please feel free to click the 'notify me' and you will be sent an email when it becomes available again. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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C.O. Bigelow is not only a place to pick up your favorite hand-made prescriptions, but also a favorite neighborhood gathering place and provider of unique and unusual personal care remedies.
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    This product is currently unavailable. We expect the product to be available once again in November of 2020. Please feel free to click the 'notify me' and you will be sent an email when it becomes available again. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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    C.O. Bigelow Barber Elixir Colognes deliver long-lasting fragrance that is modern, clean and confident.

  1. Quality:
    Best Cologne
    My husband loves this cologne. Great scent! PLEASE BRING IT BACK!
  2. Quality:
    Best cologne ever
    My husband and i originally found this a few years ago at bath and body works and we've been buying it ever since. This is the only cologne thats ever smelled good to me. Please dont discontinue this and bring it back, ive been waiting for almost a year to buy this again.
  3. Quality:
    Please bring it back ASAP
    Best cologne ever. Why would this be discontinued ? I have had so many comments over the years on how nice it smelled. Please bring it back.
  4. Quality:
    The best!!!!
    Gosh this product is awesome, I need another one, so please get it back.
  5. Quality:
    LOVE the scent sure hope you bring back, my grandson also like :):)
    Glad to see Nov. 2020 the Elixir Blue will return....please put me on the list of when available again...thank you.

  6. Quality:
    Missing the cologne
    A great product all around
  7. Quality:
    Best cologne ever
    My husband is in love with this cologne and sadly enough I can’t find it anywhere without some ridiculous pricing that I cannot afford it reminds him of a cologne that he used to wear When he was in Egypt and he used it on our first date I wish you guys can bring it back or at least let us know if there’s a similar fragment in your collection. Thank you
  8. Quality:
    Please make more
    This scent is absolutely fantastic and for the past year I keep checking back and the release date keeps being extended. You’re breaking my heart! Please bring this back.
  9. Quality:
    Bring it back!!
    I have used this for about 10-12 years. My wife loves it and so do I. I consistently received compliments and that is a great feeling when dealing with the public. Like many of the other comments-BRING IT BACK!!
  10. Quality:
    Please bring it back!!
    This is my husband’s favorite Cologne! He has been using the whole line for years and just finished his last bottle! Please bring it back!!
  11. Quality:
    Elixir Blue OUTSTANDING
    of all the colognes i've tried and owned this is by far hands down the best cologne EVER made. PLEASE bring this cologne back!!
  12. Quality:
    Smells so good, please bring it back.
    I’ve been using this scent for 6 years now and I get so many compliments. About 3-4 spray after morning shower, and it stays throughout the day. I work in an office and my co-workers always like the way I smell and always ask where I get my cologne.

    I always get 6 bottles everytime I see it online. Great price for a great scent. Please bring it back.
  13. Quality:
  14. Quality:
    Best ever
    This is what my wife loves more than any other fragrance hurry up and get it in please!!!
  15. Quality:
    Absolute favorite men’s cologne
    Absolute all time favorite men’s cologne for my hubby and two sons. They use to get compliments constantly when they wear it. We’re all so bummed it’s been out of stock for so long and that Bath & Body discontinued selling it. I hope you’ll continue to make it and for the same price.
  16. Quality:
    Best of the best
    I have used this cologne for YEARS, I absolutely LOVE It and so does anyone who gets in at least 10 feet of me. Almost everytime I wear this and go out someone always ends up asking me. "Man what are you wearing? You smell AMAZING!!"
    So please please PLEASE Bring it back!!! I need this cologne I absolutely love this and I can't find anything like it or anything that wows me like this Elixir Blue
  17. Quality:
    What fragrance category does this fall under as far as woodsy, marine, floral...
    This is my son's favorite and I use it too! I am allergic to women's fragrances but not this mens fragrance and need more or something on this order.
  18. Quality:
    Used it for years - I don’t want to ever stop using it
    I have used this cologne for almost a decade now. I’ve always loved the scent and I would buy boxes and boxes at a time when it became discontinued in B&BW Canada. Now that I’m on my last few drops, I’m really hoping that you bring this back. Please please PLEASE make more!
  19. Quality:
    Need it !
    I have been using this cologne since 2004, I bought it at Bath & Body Works and now they have stopped selling it. Now, I go to your website and it is out of stock, PLEASE BRING IT BACK SOON!
  20. Quality:
    Top Notch
    Love this scent. I've used it for years, I look forward to when it comes back in stock!
  21. Quality:
    I am not sure why it was discontinued. I went to Bath and Body works to check out their other scents. A 3.4oz bottle of newer scents is $39.50. This was 2.5oz for $19.50....not worth the jump to double the price for not even an additional ounce. I hope this scent makes a comeback. It seems a lot of people love it, just like I do!
  22. Quality:
    Like many of the other reviews, I’ve been wearing this scent for almost 10 years and love it. I’m hoping it does come back soon. What I enjoy the most is that it is clean and doesn’t have the sharp chemical smell that the other far more expensive brands do. PLEASE GET IT BACK IN STOCK. See the review before mine? Y’all losing money people! :o)
  23. Quality:
    great compliments
    This is the only cologne i wear since i found it @ Bath & Body Works.
    But unfortunately it was discontinued so now I have to get online or call but 75% of the time you guys are out of stock, according to the reviews there are a lot more guys that like this cologne so in turn maybe you should make more to keep in stock that would be much appreciated!!
  24. Quality:
    About your c.o. Bigelow blue clongne
    I have tried every one i could find to get mens cologne but found Bigellow blue years of no stop using people want what im wearinfg an it stays with you in a pleasant way. I can't pay 60 for a bottle if its going up like that but do hope prices stay kike were and having none I've tried other stuff they can't come close. I usuallyy buy 3 at a time but hope soon as many others that can find it soon. GOD BLESS YOU ALL
  25. Quality:
    this is my favorite
    I have been using this cologne for, easily 10 years.
    I am always complemented in public.
    Elixir Blue No.1580 is my All-Time favorite scent.
    I am disappointed that it is "out of stock" for many months now.
    I would love to have it back and available.

  26. Quality:
    I had come to call Elixir Blue cologne 'my scent', then sadly discovered it was no longer available. Please bring this cologne back in supply. PLEASE. Thank you.
  27. Quality:
    My Favorite Cologne!
    This cologne is the best ever! I hope that C.O. Bigelow doesn’t stop making this product. I’ve tried the other scents, but they do not come close to the Elixir Blue scent! So clean smelling and lasts for long periods.
  28. Quality:
    Best cologne
    I get the greatest response from wearing this cologne I've had people stop me ask me what's the name of the cologne so they can purchase it for their husband. The response I get from this cologne is better than any expensive cologne I've ever had I love the smell and the confidence it gives me.
  29. Quality:
    Nothing Compares!
    Nothing compares to this cologne. I get so many compliments on this. I've worn Burberry, Polo Red, etc. When I wear this cologne everyone asks what it is and where to get it. Best cologne I have ever worn and am a fan for life!
  30. Quality:
    Great product.
  31. Quality:
    My husband has used this cologne ever since I met him. I love it, he loves it. We used to always buy from BBW but now that it discontinued I got online to buy it elsewhere. I will miss walking in the store to purchase it. But this cologne is totally worth it
  32. Quality:
    This Cologne was given to me by my girlfriends sister.. and when I tell you this is the best thing a girl could have (I’m a woman) I ABSOLUTELY LOVEEEE THIS SCENT!! She didn’t remember where she got it from but I searched the name and here we are .. just ordered 2 .. must have!!
  33. Quality:
    Stands on its own!
    All men should have this in their collection. This scent definitely stands on it's own. One review compared this to Davidoff Cool Water. Not even close. I would describe it as a scent that makes you smell clean but not too soapy. It still has a nice masculinity to it.

    I love this stuff. If only there was a body lotion to go along with it. Please make it available!
  34. Quality:
    Best Cologne I've ever used.
    Elixir Blue is the only one I will use.
  35. Price:

    The best products I've ever used. I am hooked on the Elixir Blue Products
  36. Price:
    Excellent Products!
    The best products I've ever used. I am hooked on the Elixir Blue Products, but I'm saddened by the fact you can no longer get the after shave in the Blue. Since one uses more of the after shave, one would think the after shave, above all, would always be available. I can only hope you make it available again.
  37. Price:
    I'm a girl, and even I love wearing this cologne. I originally got it as a present for my dad, but he isn't a fan of cologne apparently, so it sat unused for a while. Sooo I took it upon myself to take it and use it. It's my favorite fragrance ever, and I recommend it to everyone. It's not too strong, but yet it stays on and doesn't fade away like many fragrances do.
  38. Value:
    Fantastic scent.
    The only cologne I rely on. Perfect blend of freshness and musk, I always get compliments. Has a presence but isn't overpowering, would definitely recommend.
  39. Price:
    Excellent!! Women get closer to me when I wear it.
    This is my best kept secret. I get awesome responses from women when I wear this cologne. It has the perfect. Lend of fresh/clean with musk and masculine. I even get compliments from men. People frequently ask what I am wearing. As an outside sales rep this stuff really helps me with that "first impression." it has all day staying power as well.
  40. Price:
    I love this scent; I've abandoned Clinique Happy and Lauder Pleasures in lieu of this one cologne, and I'm thrilled.
  41. Price:
    Very Familar But great
    Smells a lot like davidoff cool water. has the same initial top notes, the dry down is very similar as well. Overall a great long lasting scent that is very affordable and smells 10 times more expensive than its price.

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Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Fragrance (Parfum), Water (Aqua, Eau), Citric Acid, Triethanolamine, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citral, Citronellol, Coumarin, Limonene, Geraniol, Linalool.
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