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Brand: La Manufacture


Twenty years spent at major fragrance companies cultivated founder Bruno Truchon-Bartès's uncompromising passion for the rare materials used by master perfumers to create fragrances.

It all started at a medieval keep, the Donjon de Moret in France, owned by a friend of Bruno's who gave him the idea of creating a "Cologne du Donjon" that would unite his twin passions for historic architecture and fragrances...

The quest has yielded strong fragrances, conceived with simplicity. Their streamlined architecture, based on raw materials selected with great discernment, like finely cut gemstones, is a pleasure to contemplate. Nothing extraneous clutters up the composition and each note matters.This simplicity demands perfection, which is the key to eliciting emotion. A joyful, private emotion, one that is quite.... Essentielle!