Two's Company

About the Brand

Two’s Company is a total gift and lifestyle collection celebrating the latest trends of today. 

At the heart of it all, Two’s Company is about family. In 1969, husband and wife Bob and Bobbie Gottlieb started Two’s Company with a purpose and a dream — to earn a better living in order to send their three young boys to college. So, in the age of Pop Art, they began selling giant inflatable replicas of iconic food products out of their home. What were originally intended as point-of-purchase displays, they reimagined as funky decor. It was an instant hit, and their innovative thinking has never stopped.

For over fifty years Two's Company products have been a mainstay in stores around the world. You probably already have a bunch in your home but may not even know it! At Two's Company, they love to make things that make people happy. Simple as that.