St. Johns

St. Johns

About the Brand

Bay rum has been an integral part of the history of the Virgin Islands and its people for centuries.

The use of bay leaf oils as a beauty and health remedy has been a long-standing tradition. With its unique climate and exceptionally rich soil, the island of St. John provided an ideal place for bay trees to thrive and St. John bay leaf oils quickly acquired a worldwide reputation of being distinctive and superior.

In 1838, Danish chemist Albert Heinrich Riise became interested in this local remedy and discovered that by mixing St John bay leaf oils with fine Virgin Island rums, it created an amazing fragrance. His unique invention was awarded the Centennial Medal in 1876, as well as awards in New Orleans and Chicago.

The word 'St. Johns' on Bay Rum is like 'Sterling' on silverware. It stands for the best in the world. This superiority is due to a special quality or the leaves of the Bay trees (Pimenta Acris), which grow on the island of St John and in no other part of the world.