Roots and Bloom

Roots and Bloom

About the Brand

Healing your sole takes on a whole new meaning with Roots & Bloom. Formulated with all-natural ingredients, skincare doesn’t just have to be for your face. Roots & Bloom's innovative, face-grade foot care products are designed to tone, moisturize, soften and smooth out all the rough and dry edges of your skin.

With so much time and money spent on pampering your face, and for good reason—what about your overworked, long-suffering feet? Why not extend the love? With Roots & Bloom skincare, you can show your feet the love they deserve and thank them for all the hard work they have put in over the years.

Roots & Bloom provides you with the ultimate foot therapy experience from the comfort of your own home. Their mission is to make all-natural foot care products that are accessible to all with results you can trust.