Rigaud Paris

Rigaud Paris

About the Brand

This elegant scented candle brand has a rich history. Rigaud was founded by Jean-Baptiste Rigaud, a renowned French perfumer, in 1852. He was a perfumer to many European royal families, and passed down his business to his family. In 1960, Jean-Baptiste's grandson Mario used his grandfather's olfactory creations to make the first Rigaud Candle.

Rigaud is a burning fragrance – the oldest in the world. To experience Rigaud is to experience true luxury. From the moment it is lit, the magic begins as the beautiful fragrance lifts into the air and follows the air currents around the house. The fragrance lingers in the air, even after the flame is snuffed.

Performance is based on three elements: classic French heritage, beauty, and product delivery. The exceptional quality, the longstanding French heritage, and the particular beauty of the candles are just a few examples of the factors that contribute to Rigaud’s legacy as the world’s first scented candle brand.