Olfactive Studio

Olfactive Studio

About the Brand

«Perfumer’s proofs», born out of the spontaneous and free emotions of perfume creators who have carte blanche when it comes to photography, prove to be genuine olfactory concepts. These original, never-smelled-before olfactory creations with strong personalities are made with very beautiful raw materials and come in Eau de parfum versions (12 to 18%) or Extraits de parfum (20%) without price constraints.

Elegant and unconventional modernity emanates from this wonderful alchemy. Olfactive Studio has designed an exceptional olfactory world with a powerful and distinctive personality; a world of intuitions and emotions; a world designed for women, men, and all others. Perfumes are angels; they have no gender, but they have a soul.

Together, talented perfumers and photographers have created Autoportrait (2011), Chambre Noire (2011), Still Life (2011), Lumière Blanche (2012), Flash Back (2013), Ombre Indigo (2014), Panorama (2015), Selfie (2015), Still LIfe in Rio (2016), Close Up (2016) and Woody Mood (2017)... Olfactive Studio was launched in Paris in September 2011 and is now enjoying great success in over 30 countries on all continents. Hooray for artistic intuition, pleasure, and the desire to create. Hooray for quality and generosity