About the Brand

KI-MI-KO means Energy, Beauty and Youth in Japanese. KIMIKO honors the pride in craftsmanship and purposeful ethos of their heritage. These Tokyo-made products are designed to simplify the daily beauty ritual and empower mastery through their unparalleled precision.

KIMIKO is the creation of celebrated makeup artist and eyebrow authority Dani Kimiko Vincent.

Encouraged by her grandfather Kenji, Dani set out to explore the roots of her Japanese heritage. Along the way she would unearth the origins of a precious family heirloom - an ancient katana sword passed down for centuries. The journey led to a temple in the small Japanese village of Akashi, the site of her family's last Samurai. Here she learned of the sword maker's art and their commitment to craftsmanship, mastery of skill, and honor. 

Dani's own purpose was clear. She would create precision brow tools that empowered others to master their own brows. As precise as her ancient katana, KIMIKO's unique products deliver unparalleled results to those who hold them - putting mastery of the brow ritual within reach for all.