Jordan Samuel Skin

Jordan Samuel Skin

About the Brand

Jordan Samuel Skin has been making an art of high-performance skincare since it leapt onto the scene in 2013. Founded by expert facialist and former professional ballet dancer Jordan Samuel Pacitti, the curated, cruelty-free range of elevated essentials aims to provide results-oriented skincare while simultaneously evoking a feel of everyday luxury.

Initially inspired by Jordan’s own experiences troubleshooting his way to clear and radiant skin while performing under hot lights and wearing heavy stage makeup, the vision for the product line was further refined by knowledge gained through years of hands-on work with clients’ skin in the treatment room. Through these experiences, Jordan solidified his less-but-better approach to skincare, emphasizing consistency and steady progress as the keys to achieving healthy, resilient, and glowing skin.

Building from this philosophy, the range is intentionally crafted to be multifunctional and play well together, allowing users to mix, match, layer and cocktail the products to choreograph their own skincare routine for a truly customized and tailored experience. By formulating products for maximum efficacy while remaining gentle enough to avoid irritation and sensitization, Jordan Samuel Skin strives to strike a perfect balance, empowering customers to glow in the limelight and confidently take center stage in their daily skincare performance.