About the Brand

The name says it all. Ingredient's is obsessive about everything that goes into their products. So much so, that they named their company after what’s inside—Ingredients®. And, they placed these ingredients directly on the front of their packaging. Instead of listing what they don’t use, they decided it would be simpler to place every ingredient – the exact percentage formulation in fact – directly on the front of their bottles for all to see and share.

Ingredients® believes we all have the right to know exactly what we put on, and in, our bodies so that we can judge each product’s use, benefit, or potential harm.

Rid your life of toxins! The mission at Ingredients® is to empower consumers to detoxify their lives and lead a natural lifestyle in pursuit of optimal wellness. Ingredients® creates non-toxic, petrochemical free, and organic wellness products formulated with 8-or-less plant-based ingredients in high concentrations to deliver maximum results.