About the Brand

The original FROWNIES facial pads have been called the best wrinkle treatment for facial rejuvenation of facial wrinkles, frown lines, eye and forehead wrinkles and lip lines.

Frownies were created in 1889 after Margaret Kroesen discovered that her daughter Alice, a concert pianist, had developed unsightly wrinkles and frown lines.

With a desire to maintain her youthful beauty and stage presence, Mrs. Kroesen created Wrinkle Eradicators (as they were first called) by employing the basic principle of fitness to the muscles of the face. What started as a mother’s invention is now a best-kept secret in Hollywood.

Frownies facial patches separate and shape the muscles of the face to create a smooth wrinkle free look. Anti-wrinkle creams, serums, anti-aging face wash and rose water toner and plumper are now also part of the anti-aging skin care line.