Emilie Heathe

Emilie Heathe

About the Brand

Every little girl’s idea of beauty is impacted by what they see growing up. As an Asian American, adopted by white Jewish and Catholic parents, the images I was surrounded by never reflected what I saw in the mirror. The few Asian women I saw on TV and ad campaigns were either fitting into Asian stereotypes or trying to hide their Asian aesthetic to fit into a more Western, American look. I spent years trying to hide my Asian attributes, even considering double eyelid surgery to get rid of my “hideous and weird” monolid. Like most, I simply wanted to fit in.

My passion led me to work with brands such as MAC, AVON, and Bobbi Brown, I trained as a makeup artist and hair stylist and graduated with an MBA from Columbia University. It was time to take everything I learned and loved and to create my own brand.

And so EMILIE HEATHE was born. It is your secret tool to help you craft the superhero(ine) version of yourself. Clean ingredients, extraordinary colors, and a packaging that feels like an object of significance. All with the idea that our bodies are a blank canvas, each one with the potential to be a masterpiece.