Daily Concepts

Daily Concepts

About the Brand

Your bathroom is your sanctuary, that’s why Daily Concepts spends most of their time in the shower thinking of new ways to cleanse your body & mind. This new line of clinically tested (always cruelty free) bath accessories gives the ultimate bath and body experience with a concept that is all about functionality.

What makes Daily Concepts so unique is the label indicator which fades when it’s time to replace your bath accessory (approximately 90 days). This well-designed line also has a functional packaging that allows the product to be placed in any of your shower walls and the packaging contains bottom holes for the product to be drained. Designed with natural cotton-based layer & nylon exfoliating loops for ideal texture and a built-in antimicrobial that helps eliminate bacteria, mold and mildew.

In a world that is so hectic, take a second in the shower to exfoliate your body with environmentally friendly, soy based products that will leave your skin feeling smooth and luxurious... A little song wouldn’t hurt either.