About the Brand

The story behind Caudalie began in Bordeaux, with Mathilde and Bertrand Thomas. They began working with Professor Joseph Vercauteren, laboratory director of the Pharmacy University of Bordeaux, in 1993 after he told them that grape seeds contain the most powerful antioxidants in the world. Two years later they launched their first 3 products, containing grape seed polyphenols - and there Caudalie truly began. 

When deciding upon a name, they were looking for something French, connected to their wine-making roots. Caudalie is a wine term that refers to the unit of measurement for the time the flavors of a wine linger on the palate after tasting it.

Mathilde believes in green and rational cosmetics. When creating Caudalie, she wanted to offer a new type of cosmetics, offering the right balance between effectiveness, naturalness and sensoriality. With this, Caudalie is committed to creating effective, natural and clean products and being an environmentally-responsible brand.