About the Brand

Biography puts your story first - even the best-made products will never be as interesting as the people who use them. Linda Thomspon, founder of Biography, hopes that these facial oils will act as a catalyst in your story, by sparking something new and true for you.

For those who love their face, embrace their story, and welcome change as a positive force - Biography is for people that are looking for a new source of beauty and are dissatisfied with dirty ingredients, unsustainable practices, and ineffective fluff. With this, all ingredients are sustainably sourced, ethically gathered, and packaged in recyclable, earth-friendly ways.

All four of the Biography face oils harmoniously integrate themselves into your daily routine, giving you the power to change your skin's narrative for the better. What other companies may outsource, Biography handcrafts from scratch, doing the meticulous designing, formulating, and clinical testing. The result is skincare that actually delivers what it promises: meaningful, visible change from naturally healing sources, bound to replace your creams and moisturizers in one fell swoop. As your skin improves, your story changes- and that new chapter is all biography.