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Mani Maker: A Teen-Driven Revolution in the Beauty Industry

In 2023, founders Amanda and Emma Lavian stepped onto the beauty stage with a game-changing product, Mani Maker. However, their journey into the world of beauty began long before their brand’s inception, rooted in childhood memories and familial inspiration. With an innate passion for nails, the Lavian sisters embarked on a mission to revolutionize nail care with their innovative approach.
Mani Maker


Reflecting on their formative years, Amanda and Emma fondly recall their childhood obsession with all things nails. “We were born to be in the industry—no pun intended,” Amanda shares, reminiscing about when they transformed their living room into a makeshift nail salon for birthday celebrations. From neon hues to sparkly lacquers, their nail adventures were infused with creativity and joy.

Their passion for nails was further fueled by their father, a seasoned expert in the beauty industry. Emma explains, “Our father is a great mentor to us.” Having launched over 300 nail care and skincare products, he served as both inspiration and guide, instilling in them a love for beauty and entrepreneurship. Their journey into the beauty world was both a professional pursuit and a familial legacy.


The inception of Mani Maker wasn’t without its hurdles. Conceptualizing the first-ever ergonomic nail grip posed a unique challenge for the sisters. “There was no prior inspiration for our concept,” Emma explains. Designing a product that seamlessly fits onto any nail polish bottle required countless prototypes and meticulous adjustments. Nevertheless, fueled by their determination and creative vision, Amanda and Emma navigated through the complexities, eventually bringing their innovative product to fruition.

Beyond product development, Amanda and Emma faced personal challenges as entrepreneurs. “Many people would approach us with doubts,” Amanda recalls. Despite their age and relative inexperience, they remained steadfast in their pursuit, buoyed by their unwavering belief in Mani Maker. Their resilience in the face of skepticism and adversity propelled them forward, shaping their journey as entrepreneurs.


Guided by invaluable advice on perseverance and networking, Amanda and Emma charted their course in the competitive beauty landscape.” Staying true to Mani Maker’s unique identity and values is paramount,” Emma emphasizes. Effective communication and branding strategies became pillars of their approach, fostering connections with their community and establishing Mani Maker as a trusted brand.

Balancing academic responsibilities with running a successful business requires meticulous planning and organization. “Our calendars are micro-managed down to the minute,” Amanda explains. Juggling coursework with business tasks became second nature as they seamlessly integrated their academic pursuits with their entrepreneurial endeavors. Leveraging their academic knowledge to enhance Mani Maker’s strategies, they found synergy between their studies and business aspirations.


Looking ahead, Amanda and Emma envision a future where Mani Maker continues to champion accessible manicures for everyone. They aim to expand the product line, offering more tools to simplify nail polish application. Additionally, they plan to broaden their marketing efforts, launching an influencer outreach program to reach a wider audience.

As sisters drawn together by their passion for nails, Amanda and Emma are dedicated to building a brand that resonates with their community. Just as they cherished sharing nail experiences with friends, they’re committed to extending that to their growing Mani Maker family.

Mani Maker

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